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India Entry Strategies

Indian market is an ideal destination for foreign investors looking to promote and expand their businesses. Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) into the country has seen continuous surge and inflows of funds into India. However, there are many risks associated for a business when venturing into a new country with complex tax and regulatory regimes. This makes it imperative to understand Indian tax and regulatory laws before committing funds for business operations in India. Based upon nature of business operations, certain government approvals may be required before starting operations. Business entry mode and strategy always plays an important role in achieving the strategic objective.

Foreign Entities may commence business operations in India via following structures:

As an Indian Company

Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company in India

A foreign company, setting up an eligible business activity, may incorporate a wholly owned subsidiary (“WOS”) in India. This is a preferred business vehicle in case you wish to have limited liability and maximum control over the business operations. WOS may be set-up as a private limited or a public limited company. Most Small and Medium Enterprise prefer to set up as a Private Limited Company which is a closely held company. To obtain a detailedlistof permissible activities under Indian foreign exchange regulations including the foreign direct investment policy guidelines, please do contact us at contact@sskatyalco.in. We assist in incorporating a WOS company in India.

As a Foreign Company

Liaison Office in India

Setting up a liaison (“LO”) or representative office is a common practice for foreign companies seeking to enter the Indian market. Operation of such offices is primarily limited to collecting information about the possible market and to provide information about the company and its products to prospective Indian customers. It cannot undertake any commercial activities and must only use remittances received from its parent foreign company tomaintain itself. We assist in setting up liaison office of Foreign Entities in India.


Goods and Services Tax
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Income Tax
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Foreign Exchange Rules and Regulations
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Corporate Laws
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